Sculpture Casting Services
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Luxury Handmade Gifts,
Awards and Trophies
Since 1995
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Sculpture Casting Services
~ Sculpture Casting Services For Trophies and Awards ~
Unique Corporate Gifts
Unique Promotional Gifts
Unique Achievement Awards
Unique Music Trophies and Awards
Unique Sports Awards and Trophies
African Sculptures
~Luxury Handmade Gifts, Awards and Trophies~

Give a luxury handmade gift and make someone feel special
We offer sculpture casting services making beautiful handmade gifts, awards and trophies for special occasions, awards and ceremonies.

Made from various metals, we take special pride in making handcrafted luxury gifts and awards in our sculpture casting studio in Johannesburg, creating sculptures for people, organizations and businesses worldwide.

Our passion is to make those that have contributed to your life feel you have contributed to theirs, in the form of a beautifully handmade luxury gift.

Please take a look in our art gallery shop for our luxurious handmade gifts, or if you require a uniquely made sculpture casting, branded, or personalized gift, then please contact us.

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