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Rhinoceros Sculpture for Sale

Rhinoceros Sculpture for Sale

The rhino sculpture is perfect for:

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Among the most ancient of animals, rhinoceroses thrived for millions of years before meeting their most deadly enemy; humans. During the past century, the invincible looking rhino has been hunted down by Man for its horn, in the mistaken belief that it is an aphrodisiac. Now, thanks to the efforts of conservationists and scientists, the rhino is on its way back.

Rhinoceros Sculpture Description

Size: 17cm height x 10cm width x 25cm depth.
Weight: 2.3kg
Finish: cold cast bronze.
Other materials available: we can also cast the rhinoceros statue in other metals including aluminium, brass, copper, or mixed metal finish; at varying costs.
Optional extras: we can mount the rhino sculpture on a wooden base as well as have a specially made plaque engraved for an additional cost.
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R 1,900.00(VAT incl.)
This is for order requests only. You do not make any payment at this stage.
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