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African Sculptures

Are you looking for a special African sculpture that is unique?

Enjoy traditional African life captured in an African art statue
Africa and the African culture has always been mystifying; drawing adventurers and explorers from lands afar. The wild beautiful lands and animals create much interest, and life there has been captured in many art forms. Beautiful African sculptures of its people and wild animals help to create a picture of its culture, and these same African sculptures invoke wild imagination of daring adventure. Our African art statues, no matter where you are, will take your imagination into your own African adventure.

We make unique custom African sculptures for art decor or special gifts

Be part of the African adventure with our beautiful handcrafted African sculpture art
Capturing the spirit of Africa and creating that life in statue form is a true talent. Our African sculptures tell a story, a story of the wild beasts and people of African descent. These beautifully created statues capture your imagination, allowing you to be part of the African adventure. Each of our sculptures is individually handmade making them unique in every way. We have a selection of beautiful handcrafted African sculptures for sale in our online shop that help to keep the spirit of Africa alive. Or, we can create something entirely new.
A selection of African art sculptures and gifts we've made for others

African Warrior Statue

African Drum Wall Art Sculpture

African Mother and Child Sculpture

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Let us create your uniquely customized African statue or art piece

We can create your special custom-made African sculpture or art of African life
When you think of Africa your mind conjures up images of rugged lands and wild animals, a land untamed and full of adventures. This is Africa! Africa has a spiritual aspect to it, with many customs and traditions derived from the multi-cultural inhabitants and tribes. It is this spiritual presence that makes Africa what it is; a place of dreams and adventures. To capture those spiritual aspects, the traditions of its people and wildness of its rugged lands; South African artist and sculptor Des Khoury created a collection of African sculptures that encapsulates the essence and idea of a beautiful Africa. The "Sculptured Moments in Africa Collection" of traditional people of Africa and the "Wild Animal Collection" of the wild animal kingdom both represent what highly symbolizes Africa and its tradition.

We have been creating African sculptures and gifts in South Africa of a special nature since 1995.
Are you looking for a custom-made African sculpture?
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