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Sports Trophies and Awards

Are you looking for a special sports trophy or sporting award that is unique?

Present the great sporting winners with a winning trophy made for champions
Excellence in any endeavour in life is worthy of commendation. Since success breeds success, encouraging sports enthusiasts by giving trophies and awards for achieving excellence in sports encourages professionalism. Different types of sports awards are valued for what they represent - excellence in a certain field of sport; and being given a unique custom sports trophy is truly being recognized as being a sporting champion. The best trophy in sports is created to really acknowledge the great accomplishments by the player or by the team. Our sculptured sports trophies and awards are not only made to acknowledge winners but also to inspire true sportsmanship.

We make unique custom sports awards and trophies that honour sportsmanship

Use our special hand-made professional sports trophies for your sporting events
The practice of giving a trophy is common in sports and is a sign of distinction given to an achiever who has made a difference in their field of sport. A sports award is given to separate the best from the rest. No matter how competitive a tournament is, only the best are awarded with a winner's trophy. A great play and a winning team deserve the best sports award one can give - a trophy that matches the real sportsmanship of a true winner. Our unique sports awards and trophies are created for the best at sporting events and games. We create custom award winning trophies and awards for sports games presentations that will truly complete your sporting event.
A selection of custom sports trophies and awards we've made for others

Sculptured Boxing Trophy for Boxing South Africa

Sculptured Football Trophy for The Sponsorship Company

Sculptured Tennis Trophy Award for Soweto Open Tennis Tournament

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Let us create your uniquely customized sports award trophy

We can create your special custom-made sports championship trophies for athletics games and sporting events
Any sports person who has won any worthy award will tell you that trophies associated with sport are not won for doing nothing. To be awarded a trophy in sports has come at a price; with behind the scenes hard work, hours of practice, and full determination to be the best performer in activities such as soccer, rugby, golf, athletics, tennis, boxing, etc. So, sports trophies and cups are not given out lightly. A sports award trophy should be worthy of the game or event it represents as it is a symbol of excellence given to sportsmen and women who are champions in what they do. We can help you create a special sculptured sports trophy that symbolizes this excellence.

We have been creating unique high-end sport award trophies in South Africa of a special nature since 1995.
Are you looking for a custom sports trophy or unique sports award?
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