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Corporate Awards and Trophies

Are you looking for a special corporate award or trophy?

Make an employee feel especially appreciated with a unique corporate recognition award from your company
People love to be acknowledged. Giving an employee the special recognition they deserve, in the form of a unique company recognition award, makes them feel truly appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. If you work in a company and want to recognize your staff - who have worked extremely hard - then showing it with a special employee appreciation gift will boost their morale, and as a result your company. High staff morale can do wonders for any business. We can help you create your beautifully customized employee recognition awards and long service awards that will boost the morale of your staff and help expand your brand.

We create custom corporate awards and trophies that show you care

Use our custom-made corporate trophy awards to make a lasting impression on your clients and suppliers
Send a special thank you to your long term customers or suppliers that have helped to support your company. Clients that have used your services or bought your products on a regular basis will be impressed by your generosity with a luxury corporate award that is unique; likewise with supporting services companies. It can help cement relationships, show how much you appreciate their custom and support, and help secure future commitment with your company. A special corporate trophy is the perfect keystone to good business relationships and you will want the best corporate awards when it comes to your business. We can help you create your own unique corporate awards trophies to give your company that added class in the eyes of the business world.
A selection of our unique corporate awards and gifts we've made for others

Unique Sculptured Corporate Awards for Credit Guarantee Insurance

Sculptured Corporate Gift Award for Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

Sculptured Corporate Trophy for Implats Mining Company

Our Awards Gallery


Let us create your customized corporate awards, trophies and gifts

We can create premier corporate awards and gifts that stand out from the rest
Giving someone a custom-made corporate award or gift exceeds their expectations, invoking wonderful emotion and joy. A unique gift or award from your company really does show you care about the person you are gifting and this creates a tremendously strong bond. Never underestimate the power of a great acknowledgement; it really does make a lasting impression. Our sculptured corporate trophies and awards reflect the true appreciation of your company, greatly acknowledging your employee's exemplary work or performance, a supplier's efforts that went above and beyond expectation, or a customer that is loyal and true to your business. Our corporate awards say it all.

We have been creating sculptured corporate trophies and awards in South Africa for businesses and companies since 1995.
Are you looking for a unique corporate trophy or award for a special event?
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