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Unique Promotional Gifts

Are you looking for a unique promotional gift that really stands out?

We make unusual promotional gifts that will help your business or organization stand out above the rest
If you want your company to be noticed, you will want to use a promotional gift that is remarkable. It should strike a chord and be etched in the memory of the person you are trying to attract the attention of and market your business to. There is nothing more valuable than first impressions, and the right kind of promotional gift will create a lasting impression that will benefit you and your business immensely. An original promotional gift that is unique will help you achieve the best first impression. We create sculptured unique promotional gifts for clients that can be designed to match your company's branding as well as create a positive impact.

We create customized unique corporate gifts that get you noticed

Use our hand-made branded corporate gifts for your clients to help build better relationships and more business
Whether you are trying to make your business known to potential clients or seeking to secure further business from an existing client, quality corporate gifts play a fundamental part. Giving a unique high-end corporate gift will help to keep your business or organization in the forefront of your client's mind when they are looking for a company's products or services. An original corporate gift that is uniquely distinct from your competitor's promotional items will greatly improve your chances of securing new business. Our unique corporate gifts are original sculptured gifts that are custom-made to fit your company's brand and truly impress your clients.
A selection of special corporate promotional gifts we've made for others

Sculptured Promotional Gift of a Golf Set for Altitude Events

Sculptured Promotional Gift of a Bull for Jeweller's Shop

Sculptured Corporate Gift of a Miner for Lonmin Mining Company

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Let us create your uniquely customized corporate and promotional items

We can create your custom-made branded promotional gift with a difference
The usual promotional items and marketing products are stationary, but if everyone is using the same or similar promotion how do you really stand out? The answer is with a unique marketing gift. Imagine a C.E.O. or director of a multi-national company or prominent figure in an organization receiving all sorts of promotional items and gifts. Of these gifts which gets noticed? It's the gift that is unique! We can help you create your custom promotional gift that gives your business or organization added class. Our sculptured promotional products are custom designed for you, around your company branding, to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd and to get you noticed.

We have been creating unique high-end promotional and corporate gifts in South Africa of a special nature since 1995.
Are you looking for a special promotional or corporate gift that makes you stand out?
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