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Impala Sculpture for Sale

Impala Sculpture for Sale

The Impala sculpture is perfect for:

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The impala is the most common antelope of the bushveld regions of South Africa. This beautiful antelope is well known for its spectacular leaps - leaping distances of up to 12 metres - an ability that helps them escape its predators. Typically, a running impala will simply jump over anything in its path. Our Impala sculpture depicts the Impala's alertness and cleverness to outwit its prey.

The Impala Sculpture Description

Size: 25cm height x 21cm length x 14cm width
Weight: 1.6kg
Finish: cold cast bronze
Other materials available: we can also cast the impala statue in other metals including brass, aluminium, copper, or mixed metal finish, at varying prices.
Optional extras: we can mount the impala sculpture on a wooden base as well as have a specially made plaque engraved for an additional cost.
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R 3,250.00(VAT incl.)
This is for order requests only. You do not make any payment at this stage.
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