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"Warriors of Peace" Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Statue (Limited Edition)

"Warriors of Peace" Limited Edition Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Sculpture for Sale
Nelson Mandela has been a continuous inspiration to millions of people around the world, having defied reason, logic and all expectations to free a nation that was destined for internal conflict. By example he brought relief to the disadvantaged, and dignity and respect where there was conflict and suppression.

Muhammad Ali - in the artist's mind is the greatest boxer of all time - said about his life after boxing that his most important job now was trying to teach people to treat each other with dignity and respect. He is still held in awe by boxers and fans around the world, and he still continues to inspire greatness, dignity and respect.

This limited edition sculpture is a depiction of Nelson Mandela as a Warrior for Peace alongside arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. "Warriors of Peace" depicts Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali in a victory pose. The "Warriors of Peace" sculpture is part of a limited edition of 44 cold-cast bronze casts. 6 out of 44 have been acquired including one by Nelson Mandela. 38 of the "Warriors of Peace" limited edition remain to be sold.

"Warriors of Peace" Sculpture Description

Size: 76cm height x 58cm length x 42cm width
Weight: 23.0kg
Finish: cold cast bronze
Statue Features: the "Warriors of Peace" statue is mounted on a varnished wooden base and includes a special plaque with the words: "Warriors of Peace".
Proof of Authenticity: the "Warriors of Peace" collector's art piece has an additional plaque with the limited edition number and the artist's signature to prove authenticity. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity that was signed by South African artist Des Khoury. Once all 44 limited edition pieces have been purchased the mould will be broken beyond repair.
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